Frequently Asked Questions - Mod Installation

FAQs - Mod Installation

Yes, SGTLS will run fine a 64 bit installation of the Windows 7 operating system. If you are experiencing problems running SGTLS in Windows 7 then it suggested that you try installing it using "Compatibility Mode". If you are having issues with running SGTLS it is recommended you research the topic on the Internet for further information, ask other SGTLS players you know for assistance or visit one of the clans/organization that play SGTLS web sites and ask for assistance.

Launch/Log into Steam, right mouse click on the 'Steam' icon in your system tray, select "Library', right mouse click on 'Stargate: The Last Stand' and click on "Create Desktop Shortcut".

If the mod is running really slow and is choppy it could be due to a variety of reason. Some of the reasons could be because your systems specifications do not meet the minimum specifications to play, because you have other programs running in the background on your computer, your virus scanner is running a scan job in the background, you are downloading files or have files shared which people are downloading from your computer and you are running the games settings on high at a large screen resolution. If you are having issues with the mod playing really slow our choppy first thing you need to do is check that no other programs are running on your system except Steam and the game, check your network connectivity to ensure it isn't being over utilized (is someone else in our house downloading movies/music?), check to ensure you are playing on a server that is as close to your actual location with as low of a in game ping as possible, check to see if your in game settings are set to high and if so reduce them to Medium (or even low if needed) and try reducing the screen resolution you are using by one or two setting smaller.

To keep the intro movie introduction from playing when you first enter the mod conduct the following: Log into Steam, right mouse click on the Steam icon in your system tray and select 'Library', then right mouse click on Stargate: The Last Stand and select 'properties', then click on the 'Set Launch Options', type in -novid, then hit the 'OK' button and close the properties box. After which you shouldn't see the introduction video for the mod anymore.