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SGTLS is a beta release of the game which means it has bugs/issues which cause the server to crash or people playing it have the client side game crash as well. If you play SGTLS for any length of time due to the bugs it is a guarantee that either the server will crash or your client side game will go unresponsive or crash. With that said, however all that you need to do if you want to keep playing is relaunch the game from you machine or wait a minute and rejoin the server you where playing on (most servers auto restart when they crash). Please don't stop playing the game if the server or your client crashes, just restart and keep playing!

A player on the Goauld team can choose a 'grenade' that is like a mini turret which is called a Tac grenade. To place the grenade you have to crouch, point to where you want to place it (it needs be placed on flat surfaces and can't just be placed anywhere) and then use your secondary fire key to place/set the grenade (it takes 2-4 seconds). The Tac grenade will only work against the opposite team (Tauri) and is destroyable by either teams weapons if it is shot at.

What the player is doing is called bunny hopping. Bunny hoping is a process where you use a games sprint function and jump and or crouch at the same repeatedly which makes you move very fast. Bunny hopping has long been debated by gamers as 'grey area' topic because it is considered to be a function which some people believe is unfair to use. Due to SGTLS having a sprint function an experienced player who has learned to bunny hop in other mods/games can learn how to do it very quickly. When a player is bunny hopping they will be much harder to hit then someone who is not. It is recommended that you take the time to learn how to bunny hop and utilize it so other players don't have an unfair advantage over you.

If someone in the game is playing music o talking no-stop and it is interfering with your game play SGTLS has a built in feature to mute/silence a player. To do this in the main menu of the game select the "Mute Players" button and then select the players specific name whom you want to mute/silence. Once you have done that you will no longer hear the person for as long as you stay on the server. Some servers operators also run server side plugins which allow you conduct votes to mute/silence a player as well. An example of one plugins command to do a vote to mute a player is to type the following in game: vote mute

Depending on what plugins the server is running for in game management you can do things like start votes for maps, nominate maps for votes, vote for the next map and so on. The command vary depending on what the server runs. Some example commands are as follows: rtv (starts a vote to issue a map change), vote kick/ban (starts a vote to kick/ban a specific player) and nominate MapName (nominates the map for consideration to be the next map or for a map vote). To find out all the commands available to you as a player on the server you like to play just ask one of the server administrators for them in game when you are playing with an admin. 

:Press the letter "m" and then select the opposite team of which you are currently [Gouald or Tarui]

This weapon is special and unique to the Tauri teams scout class player. This secondary fire is a weapon that is only effective against the Goauld Kull warrior class. What it does it is when a Kull warrior is hit with it it makes him move a lot slower and makes him more vulnerable to taking damage for a short period of time. If you are having a hard time taking down Kull warriors team up with one of your teammates who is a scout and you'll be able to take them down much easier.

Depending on the server administration plugin being used by the server owner you can do things like vote and set options for yourself in the server's in game menu. Full use of the number keys while playing SGTLS isn't available using the default client installation because it doesn't bind all the number keys for you. In order to use the full range of the numbers for in game menu's you must edit the client side config.cfg file to add in configuration for the numbers zero/eight & nine. To do this you need to browse your computers local file set to locate the config.cfg file which is usually located in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\sgtls\cfg\. Once you have located the file open it up in Notepad and then add in the missing lines for the numbers zero/eight/nine as follows: bind "0" "slot0"- bind "8" "slot8"- bind "9" "slot9", then save the file. After you have done that you should have the full use of the numbers to use in the in game menus.

This issue is caused by Steam and it having a default check box marked in it's setting. To resolve this issue after you have started up the game and are looking at the server list uncheck the box at the bottom which says "Show Map List". Once you have done this you should then see all the server available. If you have setup any filters for the server viewer (such as don't display any servers with a ping over 200) it is suggested that you remove them as they will limit the total number of servers that are viewable in the list as well.

Depending on the type of statistics the server utilizes it may have different ways of accessing them in game. In addition some stats programs are only web based so you would have to visit a web site address to view them. It is recommended that you contact an admin on the server(s) you like to play on to find out the exact way to access stats if they are running them. An example of web based stats is the one used by some of the clans who play SGTLS which can be viewed at . For stats programs that are only available in game they usually display information via the chat function in the game while playing or are available by staying stats or statsme in the game chat.