How to Install Stargate: The Last Stand & Start Paying The Game

In order to install SGTLS it requires specific steps be followed in order to play the mod.

Thw below how to information on how to install SGTLS is divided into multiple sections which depending on what you already have setup/installed you may or may not need to follow each one of them.

Outlined below are the exact steps needed to install the mod which is broken down into the following categories:

Installing Steam - Creating a Steam Account - Installing SDK Source 2007 - Installing the SGTLS Mod - Playing The Game

Installing Steam

Installing Steam is the first step towards setting up your system to play SGTLS. If you have Steam installed already you can skip this step.

To install Steam you need to visit Steams web site here then download and install it's gaming platform installation file [1.5 MB] onto your system.

Creating a Steam Account

The next step once you have installed the Steam program platform is to create a Steam log-in account.

If you have a Steam account created already you can skip this step.

To create a new steam account simply from within Steam click on the Steam program icon in your programs listing to launch Steam. This will display the Steam login screen(s) as shown below that must be completed in order to create your new Steam account using the Steam program.

SteamLogIn CreateAccount1

SteamLogIn CreateAccount Agreement2

SteamLogIn CreateAccount SetNamePassword3

SteamLogIn CreateAccount SetEmailAddress4

SteamLogIn CreateAccount SetSecretQuestion5

In regards to this step you can actually complete it prior to installing Steam if you want to that as well. To create your Steam account online you can do it here.

Once you have created the account and signed into Steam using your account then you need to install the necessary 'Tool' required to play the mod as listed below in the next step.

If you need additional help creating a Steam account watch this YouTube video showing the exact steps to create a Steam account (Steam will work on Windows: XP/Vista,/7 or a Mac).

Installing SDK Source 2007

In order for you to play SGTLS you must have a set of tools base file set installed on your computer within the Steam program. The 'Tool' is SDK Source 2007 [4,780 MB].

To install this tool once you have started Steam you need to right mouse click on the Steam icon in your system tray (which is usually by the clock) and then select "Library". This will open up your library of games owned through the Steam platform. At this point you need to select the drop down underneath the 'Library' located at the top left side of the window and select "Tools" from the drop down.

SteamLibrary Tools6

 This will then display "Tools" available for you to download and towards the bottom of the list is the tool needed which is called "Source SDK Base 2007".

SteamLibrary ToolsList SourceSDKBase2007Highlighted7

At this point you need to right mouse click on "Source SDK Base 2007" and select "Install Game". After which you'll need to go through multiple screen prompts as shown below to successfully install "Source SDK Base 2007".

SteamLibrary ToolsList SourceSDKBase2007InstallGame8

SteamLibrary ToolsList SourceSDKBase2007InstallGame Next9

SteamLibrary ToolsList SourceSDKBase2007InstallGame CompleteNext10

SteamLibrary ToolsList SourceSDKBase2007InstallGame CompleteFinish11

Once the download has completed double check your Steam --> Tools menu to ensure "Source SDK Base 2007" is listed as being installed which is designated by having it's text of it's name highlighted/bolded.

Once you have finished installing the required tool file set your next step is to install the mod itself as shown below.

Installing the SGTLS Mod

The next step is to install the SGTLS mods files into your Steam programs base files set.

Luckily the SGTLS mod's installation has been created where it is a self extracting executable file which recognizes you have steam installed and places the mods files in the correct Steam related files folders for you automatically.

It is best to close out of Steam completely prior to installing the SGTLS. Don't worry if you don't but you'll need to remember turn off Steam after installing the mod and then to restart Steam.

Once you have logged off or closed Steam then you need to download and then run SGTLS latest installation package which has the file name sgtls_beta11_full.exe [392 MB].

See our FAQ page for list of download locations to utilize the one nearest to you. For US based players you can download the installation file from here.

After you have downloaded the SGTLS installation file you then need to double click it to run the program and acknoledge any operating system messages that may pop up asking you if you really want to run the file.

Once you have initated the installation file you will see the SGTLS installation package welcome screen as shown below after which you'll need to acknowledge multiple other screens also shown below to install the mod.

The entire installation process will take a few minutes to complete as it actually installs 1.3 GB worth of files so use the opportunity to work on something else while it installs on your system.

SGTLS InstallWelcomeScreen12

SGTLS InstallLicenseAgreement13

SGTLS InstallChangelogNext14

SGTLS InstallChooseLocation15

SGTLS InstallComplete16

After the installation is completed it will signify as such after which you can close the installation package by clicking "Finish".

If you forgot to close out of/log off Steam the installation will remind you that it still needs to be done as shown below.

Important Note: If you don't log out of Steam then you not be able to see SGTLS listed in your Steam --> Games listing until you stop/restart Steam.

SGTLS InstallCompleteSteamRestartNotification17

At this point you need to start up Steam once again if you haven't already in order to launch SGTLS from within Steam.

It is suggested that you create a shortcut to the mod through steam which can be done by conducting the steps listed on our FAQ page.

To launch SGTLS from Steam right mouse click on the Steam icon in your system tray (near your clock) and select "Library" and "All Games".

SteamLibrary ToolsAllGames18

This will display the Steam games Library where you should see the SGTLS mod listed. Then simply click on Stargate: The Last Stand and it will display the screen below which then all you have to do is click the "Play" button to launch SGTLS.

SteamLibrary AllGamesPlaySGTLS19

Depending on your Windows operating system you are using the screenshots above may look a little different (the screen shots where taken on a Windows 7 Operating System). WIth that said however, the screen shots should be similar to what you will see if you are using a different version of the Windows operating system like Vista or XP Pro.

If you are having issues with installing the mod it is recommended that you post on the SGTLS community forums stating what steps you have taken in your attempt to install the mod and also giving any detailed information regarding any errors/issues you had while doing them.

Important Note: The SGTLS mod does not work on Macintosh systems (the Steam platform does but SGTLS mod does not).

Playing The Game

Once you have completed the above steps you should be able to play the SGTLS mod by simply clicking the SGTLS icon on your desktop if you created one or clicking "Play" from the Steam --> Library --> Games listing as shown above. Once you have clicked "Play"  SGTLS will then launch the welcome screen as shown below. With that said though, prior to the screen below though you will see a short video that displays the games developers name (Interweave Studios).

SGTLS ModStartScreen20

 At the above SGTLS mod start screen the next step is to click on "Find Servers" as shown below.

SGTLS ModServerSelection21

  This will display all the current SGTLS servers running.

At this point you then simply need to select the server you wish to play on by clicking on it's name and then hitting the "Connect Button".

Important Note: It is recommended that you do not setup any filters through Steam for SGTLS as they may hide servers from you which you might still want to play on and you also need to make sure and 'uncheck' the "Show Map List" checkbox as well, if you don't you may not see all the servers available either.

Once you have hit the connect button after selecting your server of choice you will then actually join the server you selected and it will display the servers MOTD (Message of the Day) welcome screen. This screen may be blank or display information after a few seconds depending on what the server operator has set up for the specific server you selected to join.


 At this screen you can read the information provided by the server operator if any is listed (remember to wait a few seconds to see if any information comes up as sometimes it takes a few seconds since it is basically loading a web page from within Steam). It is at this screen that the servers rules and the servers operators information or clan information is usually provided for you to read.

Once you have hit "Okay" at the MOTD screen your then will see the Team Selection screen as shown below.

SGTLS ModServerChooseTeam23

 At this screen you need to choose your desired team selection.

Important Note: If you select to go into "Spectate: mode you WILL NOT be able to join the game by using the default team selection button (m). To join a game after entering Spectate mode you must completely disconnect from the server, then rejoin the server again and select one of the two teams or "Auto Assign".

After you have selected the desired team by clicking on it's name or hitting it's designated number button you then need to select your player class type as shown below.

SGTLS ModServerSelectClass24

 After you select your player classs type you then need to selection your desired weapons/armor loadout for the player class you selected as shown below.

SGTLS ModServerSelectWeapons25

 After you have selected your weapons & armor and hit "OK" you will then enter the game using your selected player class & weapons/armor selections.

SGTLS ModServerPlayingGame26

 Then it's time to get your game on!

For further information or help in regards to starting and playing the game plase review our FAQ page. If you still need help in regards to starting or playing the game it is recommended you post in our Support forum