Statistics from online games provide you with detailed information on how well you are playing as an individual and how well you assist your team with it's team based objectives.

Statistical systems displays comprehensive statistics on every player each time they play in regards to the rounds played, kills made, deaths/suicides, weapons used and much more.

All the information collected by an statistical system then compiles the information about you and then assigns you a rank based on your game play compared to others that play the mod that are tracked as well. With that said though, it is important to state that not all SGTLS servers run statistical systems so game play on servers not running statistics will not be recorded and/or change your statistical ranking.

Depending on the statistical systems being used on the server you can view your game play statistics in one of two ways. You can see your stats either in game using commands like stats or statsme or by viewing statistical information via a web page.

The SGTLS community for the most part utilizes the HLstatsX statistical system which is run through a server side plug-in and reports the servers players information to a database which is displayed either in game or via a web page.

To view the web based information provided by the HLStatsX statistical system for the SGTLS servers that run it click here.

Besides HLStatsX there are multiple other web and server based statistical systems available which will work with SGTLS. With that said though, we will not go into all the various different types of statistical systems for the SGTLS mod.

It is recommended that you contact one of the server administrators of each of the SGTLS servers you play on to obtain information regarding the statistical systems they use (if they even use one).

If you are the type of player that likes to utilize stats to help improve your efficiency we recommend you play only on the servers that utilize them. That way you can easily track your progress via the statistical information provided to you about your play and then work on improving yourself as you see fit.